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The official site of Dr. Barney Glaser and Classic Grounded Theory.

The Grounded Theory Institute is dedicated to helping people learn about authentic Grounded Theory (otherwise knows as Glaserian, Classic, or Orthodox Grounded Theory).  It is a place where scholars come together to aid each other in the pursuit of a better understanding of GT.  From the novice to the GT teacher, there is always a deeper level of understanding possible when it come to the procedures and the power of GT.




From Grounded Theory Online:
GT Coffee Connect 29 April
GT Summer School 30 June/1 July
Troubleshooting Seminar 20/21 October

The next GT Coffee Connect will be on Friday 29th April, 2022. We welcome novice and expert researchers using any variety of grounded theory. If you would like to join us for an informal GT chat, please sign up.

14.00 Manilla; 14.00 Perth; 16.00 Sydney; 18.00 Aukland, (7 a.m. London GMT/UTC+1 ) please register here: 
08.00 New York; 13.00 Dublin/London (GMT/UTC+1); 14.00 Berlin:  please register here:


The Grounded Theory Summer School: Exploring grounded theory will be held in person on 30 June and 1 July, 2022 in Petersfield, UK

We will explore the grounded theory methods of the main authors Glaser & Strauss (1967), Glaser (1978, 2017), Strauss (1987), Corbin & Strauss (2015) and Charmaz (2014) and consider which is most likely to suit your research aims. Working together we will practice the stages of developing a grounded theory to demystify both the language and the analytic process. 

It can be very challenging for novice researchers to understand the differences between the methods - we can help!

Details will be posted here https://www.groundedtheoryonline.com/grounded-theory-summer-school/ 

The Grounded Theory Troubleshooting Seminar will be held online on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October, 2022.  This highly practical, troubleshooting seminar is for novice and established grounded theory researchers. During the seminar we aim to progress each grounded theory study to its next stage.   For more details of how to register see https://www.groundedtheoryonline.com/services/seminars/.

If you would like to discuss the summer school or the seminar please email me at helen@groundedtheoryonline.com to arrange a short Zoom.

Lastly, the grounded theory conference: "Recalibrating society: grounded theory perspectives" will now be held entirely online. You can learn more about submitting an abstract here: https://groundedtheoryconference.com/call-for-abstracts/
Registration will open within the next 2 - 3 week. https://groundedtheoryconference.com/register/

I do hope to meet you at one or other of our events.

Best wishes

Helen Scott 





2nd Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference - April 29 - May 1, 2022  


Join us at the 2nd annual Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference  April 29-May 1, 2022. This year’s conference will have five tracks: Learning Classic Grounded Theory, Presenting Classic Grounded Theories, Applying Classic Grounded Theory, Exploring Other Methods and Posters. There will be synchronous and asynchronous sessions available. The current schedule of presentations can be seen HERE.



Above are upcoming Seminars/Conferences on Classic GT conducted by GTI Fellows.

See Seminars for further information on all the upcoming seminars.   Barney Glaser's now world famous troubleshooting seminars are designed for PhD candidates to trouble shoot exactly their next question with regard to doing their GT dissertation.  The goal is to get candidates closer to finishing the PhD dissertation, by troubleshooting their current GT problem(s) and listening to other student's current GT problems in an open, supportive and noncompetitive discussion.  Seminars cover the many GT issues candidates face in completing their PhD dissertation.  All students will learn from each other, and receive invaluable help.     



 Dr. Barney Glaser's latest Books in print:

The  Glaser Grounded Theory Reader

The book is collection of papers Dr. Glaser has written which contribute originality to the ongoing work in their fields at their time. Consider this reader as volume one. The next reader will be volume two.  It will contain 20 or so contributing, original papers to their respective fields.   

Check it out at:  http://www.sociologypress.com/publications.htm  


Grounded Theory Review is now an open access journal!  Please check it out, at its new website:   http://groundedtheoryreview.com/


Need Help? 

Are you undertaking a classic grounded theory study, but have no one to mentor you?  Contact Helen Scott at http://www.groundedtheoryonline.com/.                                 She can connect you with a Grounded Theory Institute Fellow who can offer you tailored support.


Congratulations to editors Vivian Martin and Astrid Gynnild on the publication of Grounded Theory: the Philosophy, Method, and Work of Barney Glaser.

This anthology brings together a collection of articles on classic grounded theory organized around the concept of mentoring the method.  The four sections for the book are: "Teaching Grounded Theory", "Doing Grounded Theory", "Historical and Philosophical Grounding", and "Advancing Grounded Theory".

With 19 contributors, most of whom have studied with Barney Glaser; the book is a wonderful tribute to both the man and the method.  It does a great job of explaining the roots of GT (exploring the life, philosophies and influences on Barney Glaser), correcting some misunderstanding about the method, and looking at advances in the method.  It is useful to both the novice and the experienced researcher.  


Check out these video clips from one of Barney Glaser’s Grounded Theory troubleshooting seminars.  He talks about the literature review, grounded theory as a jargon, high impact variables, conceptualization, and more.


The world of GT is constantly expanding. Doing Grounded Theory is now available in Swedish:

Att göra grundad teori


It has been translated by GTI Fellow Hans Thulesius, and Thomas Åström. It is available at www.sociologypress.com


Also, if you are a memeber of the GTI, you can join a discussion in Swedish on the GTI forum.


Did you know that if you go to Google Scholar and type in "Barney Glaser," You will see over 7,000 results.  According to this site, Discover of Grounded Theory is cited in over 27,000 books/articles.  Theoretical Sensitivity is cited in over 3600 books/articles.


Announcing the launch of a wonderful new website for GT researchers.  It is called Grounded Theory Online.  Its goal is to offer online:

  • tailored support to research students;
  • support to PhD supervisors and research committees; and
  • consultancy to industry, post doc and professional researchers

Check it out!


Basics of Grounded Theory Analysis is now available in Mandarin

Go to sociologypress.com to order

Also, you will soon be able to order

DOING GROUNDED THEORY IN MANDARIN translated by Dr Foster Fei (2010), ISBN 1-884156-22-3, 进行扎根理论研究:论题与探讨, 巴尼 G. 格拉泽(著) 费小冬 (译) 社会学出版社,美国.  


Discovery of Grounded Theory has been translated now into Polish,  and is being published by the "Nomo's" Publishing Company in the next year. To order a copy go to:


Discovery of Grounded Theory has also been published in Italian and can be purchased directly from the publisher http://www.armando.it/cms/sito/prodotto.asp?id=2237.     The book will be presented in Rome on November 27th. Hear is the announcement:

Roma, 27 novembre 2009
Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione
 Ore 12,30
Presentazione del volume di Barney G. Glaser, Anselm L. Strauss,
a cura di A. Strati
(Armando, Roma, 2009)
e del volume di Massimiliano Tarozzi
(Carocci, Roma, 2008)
Interventi di Antonio Strati e Massimiliano Tarozzi


 A Recently Discovered Article! 

An article written by Dr. Glaser  in 1965 (before Discovery of Grounded Theory) is now available on the forum.  It demonstrates that Dr. Glaser already had conceived and written about all the basic principles of grounded theory before his work with Anselm Strauss.  If you are a member of the GTI you can read it now on the forum. 

Grounded Theory PhDs 

Dr. Lee Yarwood-Ross RN PhD
PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University, March 19, 2020
Facing losses in combat-related limb-loss: A classic grounded theory study

Dr. Gonzalo Jimenez-Seminario
PhD from University of Liverpool Management School, UK, January 5, 2018
Professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Dr. Glenford Prospero
PhD from De La Salle University, December 15, 2016
Initialising Responsibility: Grounded Theory of Becoming a School Administrator.

Dr. Claire O'Donnell
University College Cork, Ireland, February 12th
Accommodating Interruptions: a Classic Grounded Theory of nurses working within constraints in caring for patients following a stroke.

Dr. Cynthia Stirbys
University of Ottawa, October 30th, 2015.
Potentializing Wellness through the Stories of Female Survivors and Descendants of Indian Residential School Survivors: A Grounded Theory Study

Dr. John Michael Leger
Dec. 9th.
Exerting Capacity: A Grounded Theory Study of the Perspectives of Bedside Registered Nurses about Patient Safety in the Adult Acute Care Environment

Dr. Regina (“Gina”) L. Hale
University of Texas Medical Branch, September 9, 2015. Mentoring Up: A Classical Grounded Theory Exploring the Protégé’s Perceptions of Nurse-to-Nurse Mentoring

Dr. Kelly C. Cowling
University of Texas Medical Branch, August, 2015. 
Problem Food Cravings: A Cycle Fed by Stigma and Shame A Classical Grounded Theory Exploration of the Experience of Food Cravings in Obese and Formerly-Obese Women

Dr. Alvina Gillani
Cardiff University, UK, 2014.  
Reconciling Demands of Conscious: A Grounded Theory of Consumer Behaviour in the Fairtrade Context

Dr. “Trish” L. Carr, PhD, RNC-NIC
University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, June 2014
Being Heard: A Classical Grounded Theory Exploring the Experiences of Bedside Nurses Working in Children’s Hospitals with Established Shared Governance Models

Dr. Linda Schurch
Walden University, January 2015. 
Seducing Engagement: A Classic Grounded Theory Study of Virtual Leadership

Dr. Ruth T. Naylor
April 2013. 
Self-Balancing Sanctuarying:  a Grounded Theory of Relaxation and Autogenic Training. It is available for free dowload at http://ethos.bl.uk/OrderDetails.do?did=1&uin=uk.bl.ethos.569815

Dr. Mary Hughes
March 2014. 
Accommodating Interruptions: A Grounded Theory of Young People with Asthma

Dr. Lesley Piko
Australian National University, October.  
Optimising Professional Life:  A grounded theory of doctors' careers

Dr. Karen Koerber-Timmons
University of Phoenix, July 16th, 2014. 
Value-based Teaching: A Grounded Theory of Internalizing Accountability in Teaching Documentation

Dr. Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith
The University of Nottingham School of Education.
Failure is not an option: Leaner Persistence amongst Access to higher Education learners on a DipHE/BSc nursing programme.

Dr. Brid O’Brien
School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork, Ireland
Anticipatory Vigilance: A Classic Grounded Theory of Risk Reduction and Management in the Perioperative Setting.

Dr. Wade H. Cockburn
The Somatic Relationship Between Mind­-Body Therapists and Their Parents: A Grounded Theory Study

Dr. Juliet Thomas
Edge Hill University. 
Finessing Incivility: how student nurses respond to issues concerning their status and learning: A grounded theory

Dr. Jennifer Klimek Yingling
Rutgers University.
Negotiating Emotional Order: A Grounded Theory of the Survivorship Process in Women Who Have Completed Treatment for Breast Cancer

Dr. Susan Nilsen 
Feb. 2013
Behaving Collaboratively and Getting Along: A Classical Grounded Theory of Certified Nurse Midwives Collaborating With Physicians in U.S. Hospitals.

Dr. Titus Tossy
University of Cape Town (South Africa).
Cultivating Recognition: A Classic Grounded Theory of E-learning Providers Working in East Africa.

Dr. Bridie McCarthy
October 8th 2012 in Cork, Ireland.  

Dr. Roland Agoncillo
De La Salle University in Manila, July 2012. 
Becoming Selfless for Others: a Grounded Theory of Commitment to Service.

Dr. Jan Green
Glyndwr University

Dr. John Collins
Dublin City University, Ireland, January 9th 2012
New Normalizing: a Grounded Theory of the transition for migrant health care professionals

Dr. Bruno Felix
Dignity in the relationship between organizations and communities.  

Dr. David Harris Smith
York University 
"Theorizing Avatar Sexualities". 

Dr. Stephanie Richardson, EdD
Driven by Meaning: A Classic Grounded Theory of Personal Entrepreneuring.

Dr. Keith Woodman 
Old Dominion University, March 23rd
Toward an organizational strategic vitality theory: A study of a public sector board of directors.
available at http://gradworks.umi.com/34/55/3455289.html

Dr. Martha Potts 
Case Western Reserve, June 7th
Changing Poison into Medicine through Social Processes of "Finding Pathways Out": The Rwandan Construction of a New Destiny in the Aftermath of the 1994 Genocide. 

Dr. Stephanie Griffin
University of Victoria, May 12, 2011
Negotiating Duality: A Framework for Understanding the Lives of Street-Involved Youth.

Dr. Carla Wells 
February 16th, 2011
Orchestrating Healing: A Grounded Theory of Registered Nurses Caring for Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Dr. Brent MacWilliams
Through the Eyes of the Clinical Preceptor: A Grounded Theory.

Dr. Jenna Breckenridge
December 20th
Being Person Driven in a Service Driven Organisation: A Grounded Theory of Revisioning Service Ideals and Client Realities.

Dr. Noel Kerr
Rutgers University in Newark, NJ, December 15th
Creating a Protective Picture": A Grounded Theory of How Medical-Surgical Nurses Decide to Follow a Charting-by-Exception Policy ona Day-to-Day, Patient-by-Patient Basis

Dr. Kim Trahan 

PhD from Saybrook University. 

The Grounded Theory of Building Capacity in Organizational Leadership Through the Cultivation of Awareness, Attention, and Caring.

Dr. Linda Poisseroux
PhD in Business Organization and Management. 
Making a Difference: A Grounded Theory Study of Employee Involvement in the Workplace.

Dr. Anna Sandgren
Linnaeus University Press, May
Deciphering Unwritten Rules: Patients, relatives and nurses in palliative cancer care

Dr. Johnben Loy
May 13th
Dynasting Across Cultures: A Grounded Theory of Malaysian Chinese Family Firms

Dr. Patricia Wright 
PhD in December

Dr. Evelyn Gordon
Dublin City University.  
Her dissertation was on "Re-vitalizing Worthiness" in relation to transcending suicidality. 

Dr. Johanna Cornelia van Niekerk
Cost and reward as motivating factors in distributed collaborative learning assignments: A grounded theory analysis. 

Dr. Janet Wood
University College London, Nov. 6th
Advancing Agendas: a Grounded Theory of engagement with interagency meetings

Dr. Bob Prue
July 2008. 
His dissertation was on the Native American Church as a treatment and support for drug/alcohol addiction. 

Dr. Scott Rader
University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 
His field of study is Consumer Behavior and his dissertation looked at interaction with mobile technology producers.

Dr. Mark Philbin 

Dr. James Jones
Ed.D. in July 2008. 
His dissertation was on the information-seeking behavior of people in the construction industry. 

Dr. Trisha Fritz
PhD in June of 2006. 
Untenable Accountability: No Principal Left Behind, Everyday Professional Development under No Child Behind.

Dr. Lorrie Brown
Dec. 1, 2008
Perceiving and Communicating Love: A Grounded Exploration or Recalled Leader-Follower Interactions From Middlechildhood

Dr. Pernilla Pergert 
Stockholm, June 2008
Facading in Transcultural Caring Relationships: Healthcare Staff and Foreign-born Parents in Childhood Cancer Care.

Dr. Magdalena Verheyen 
Survivalising Among Homeless People With Tuberculosis: A Grounded Theory Study

Dr. Rhonda Rabbitt 
Interim Director, College of Liberal Studies School of Education, University of Wisconsin-La Cross. 

Dr. Taira St. John 
A Grounded Theory of Domestic Violence Perpetration:  Normalizing the Abnormal

Dr. Jacqueline Flynn
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr. Virginia Crowe 
From Unknown to Known: A Grounded Theory Study Among Those Who Have Learned About and From Their Depression.

Dr. Carol Roderick 

Commodifying Self: A Grounded Theory of the Senior Year of Undergraduate Study.





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